TAG release Great Italian War Spanish infantry

The Assault Group have added several packs of 28mm Great Italian War Spanish infantry.


From their website:

Hello, and welcome to the first full release this year from The Assault Group. These six packs of 28mm miniatures represent the last of the Spanish Infantry we are making for the start of the Great Italian War.

The pack details are as follows;

  • REN321 Spanish/Conquistador wardogs and handlers
  • REN322 Neapolitan/Spanish with swords and bucklers I
  • REN323 Neapolitan/Spanish with swords and bucklers II
  • REN324 Neapolitan/Spanish firing arquebus
  • REN325 Neapolitan/Spanish marching with arquebus shouldered
  • REN326 Neapolitan/Spanish artillery crew

We hope to have pictures of our Gent d’armes and Genitors very soon, before the end of February, but next week will start to see the release of our Italian infantry, Pikes, shot and Papal Guards.