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TAG release English Civil War Harquebusiers

The Assault Group have released two packs of English Civil War Harquebusiers with Triple Bar helmets. English Civil War Harquebusiers From their website:
Did i mention we aren't doing an English Civil War range? Yes? But, occasionally, we do do what our customers ask for, and recently we have be persuaded to make these two new packs of miniatures, which can really only be for used for English Civil War armies. The triple bar helmet is most associated with the English Harquebusier cavalry of the 1640's, a lightened form of the heavier Cuirassiers dominant on the continent, Harquebusiers were the predominant cavalry type of the Parliamentarian army after 1643 as used by the 'Eastern Association'; and later the New Model Army, and although they became synonymous with the 'Roundhead' faction they could equally be found in 'Cavalier' units.