TAG release Cossacks and Ordinance

The Assault Group have added several new 28mm historical figures to their online store including Cossacks and a 16th century cannon.


From their website:

Just a few new packs to add to our shopping cart this week…

Firstly, a larger Ordinance piece of our going early Renaissance range. Guns such as these can be seen in large numbers in pictures and wood-cuts of the period, our is a copy of one from an Albrecht Durer illustration.

Secondly, we have a group of dismounted Cossacks, 3 miniatures with fire-arms holding and leading ponies. These miniatures were specifically designed to act as dismounted dragoon, which the Cossacks used in the 1650’s.

Finally, a pack of Russian labourers, to act a gun crews for our Muscovite Russian range. Labourers are cast open handed and can be fitted with artillery equipments or tools, as requested.