TAG release 16th Century Italian miniatures

The Assault Group have released the first of their Italians for the Spanish Century range of 16th Century miniatures.


From their website:

These Italians are for the period 1495 – 1525, the start of the Great Italian War and could be of any of the main-land states or colonials fighting Turks in the Adriatic.

These are the full details;

  • REN327 Italian Pikemen advancing with pike/pole-weapon at 60 degrees
  • REN328 Italian Pikemen advancing with pike/pole-weapon at 45 degrees
  • REN329 Italians standing with arquebus at port
  • REN330 Italians advancing with arquebus at port
  • REN331 Italian/Swiss Papal Guards with Halberds

In the next couple of week we will be able to show the Commands and other infantry types, including more arquebusiers and swordsmen.