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TAG preview Thirty Years War miniatures

The Assault Group has posted photos of the greens for some upcoming Thirty Years War Officers, drummers and Sergents/Ensigns. Thirty Years War Officers From their website:
This week’s additions to the Workbench feature here at TAG, are the latest in our huge and expanding Thirty Years War range of 28mm miniatures are three new packs which we have been asked by gamers who come to our web-forum. We have been asked to make more commanders for our infantry regiments, to add greater variety, instead of having the same for few cloned individuals  commanding all the foot in their armies, so that is what we have done. You may also notice that all these new command groups heads are totally unique sculpts, giving these miniatures, and your units, a fresh new look. Three new packs, Officers, Drummers and Sergeants, for the period 1600 through to 1650, which broadly covers the period know as the Thirty Years War. The Sergeants are cast with open hands to make them doubly useful as Ensigns, but will be supplied with our 17th Century halberds.