TAG preview Italian arquebusier and pike figures

The Assault Group have posted photos of the greens for their 28mm Italian arquebusier and pike figures.

Italians firing

From their website:

This weeks news item features more Italians for our early 16th Century range, which we have been calling The Spanish Century.

These four new packs of 28mm miniatures are the final few we shall have for these types in the early part of the 16th Century, they are suitable for what was to become know as the great Italian Wars, but they would also be useful for Italians (Venetians particularly) fighting against the Turks in the eastern Mediterranean and Balkans.

These Italians are dressed in hose and shoes and have a variety of hats, off which there seams to have been a limitless types in use. Some have turbans in Turkish style, other Dalmatian hats and others more tradition western types of head gear.