TAG preview German Musketeers

The Assault Group have posted photos of the greens for new German Musketeers and ponies.

From their website:

New on the workbench this week are a few packs to add to our huge Renaissance range, we have two new packs of German Musketeers in boot-hose and the conversions of the standing ponies we have made for our Cossack horse-holders.

The ponies are simple conversions, with the reigns back over the body of the beast, for riders to hold. these minis will not be added to any packs in particular, but ever Tatar of Cossack back that is now purchased will have an even greater mix of mounts to choose from.

The Musketeers are depicted in boot-hose as the previous packs that we release have proved, very, popular. They also all have ‘forks’ for supporting their muskets, which we very common in the period for which these are intended (1600 – 1640).