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TAG Great Italian War Command and Unit builders added

The Assault Group have added Great Italian War Command and Unit builders packs to their online store. Italian infantry command standing From their website:
It is my pleasure to announce that today, after a slight delay, when my ancient scanned finally gave up the ghost; I have added the first of many new releases to the TAG web-shop. These are the Italian infantry commands, for any of the Italian city-states in the early part of the Great Italian war, but also suitable for Venetians serving in the their colonies in the Balkans. Italian infantry led the world in the use of fire arms in this period but were less well noted for their pikemen. We have two new packs of 28mm miniatures, with 4 different miniatures in each pack, the full SKU details are as follows; REN344 Italian infantry command standing REN345 Italian infantry command advancing I have also now been able to make-up the composite box sets, that we call our Unit Builders. Unit Builders offer a complete wargames unit, including command group, at a slightly more pocket-friendly price. These are the details REN-SB107 Italian Pikemen unit builder REN-SB108 Italian Arquebusier unit builder