TAG add Modern minis to their figure giveaway

The Assault Group have added a series of 28mm modern figures to their miniature giveaway. From their website:
Its been a year since we launched our new web-site, and through out that time we have been giving away large numbers of free miniatures. Initially we gave away Chechens, and following on from that Vietnamese, World War two and recently Renaissance and Asian miniatures. The time has finally come for us ton add the Ultra-Modern miniatures to this list, and for the month of February we will be giving away anyone one freebie miniature of your choice, for every full priced pack of TAG super 28mm minis that you purchase. Also, i have just added two 'new' miniatures to this list. 'Saddam captured' and Saddam resisting' were briefly available when we celebrated our fifth birthday, a few years back, but i have reinstated them for this offer.
Check their website for a full list of figures.