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Tactical Terrains 15mm and 28mm Terrain

Tactical Terrains is a manufacturer of laser cut hdf terrain from Germany and they released their first releases last month:

From their website:

Covering 2 sets of ruins and a wall set in 28mm scale. In December we are proud to announce to expand our range by 2 news sets in 28mm, a pack of 3 containers and a defense position, along with our first 2 sets of ruins in 15mm.

New sets available from Tactical Terrains:

15mm Ruins Set 1 – (3 ruins + 9 tank traps) 15,00 EUR
15mm Ruins Set 2 – (3 ruins + 6 tank traps) 15,00 EUR
28mm Containerset – (3 containers, 4 barriers) 18,00 EUR
28mm Defense position – (1 Bunker, 2 walkways) 18,00 EUR
The ruins in 15mm are modular like our 28mm sets and can be mixed to build new ruins / buildings.
Several sets of the defense position can combined to a larger fortified base or fortress.