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Tactical Solutions gaming convention coming in October

Tactical Solutions 2012 is scheduled for October 5, 6 and 7 in Spokane, Washington.

Tactical Solutions is proud to announce the 5th Installment of our miniatures gaming convention the weekend of October October 5, 6, & 7 2012. Each year has gotten bigger and better in terms of more games and a higher standard of miniatures and terrain. We are in the same fine venue at CenterPlace located at 2426 N. Discovery Place Spokane Valley, WA 99216.

I just can’t say enough good things about this venue. The Fireside Lounge where we game is very well lit with windows all around, a fireplace, snack bar and 3,400 square feet of open space for some great gaming and some great vendors. There is affordable lodging nearby. We have the Tactical Solutions Snack Bar for those who don’t wish to venture out of the Convention as well as several restaurants nearby with a variety of different dining choices

Our focus is miniatures gaming in many different periods including Ancients, Napoleonics, WWII, WWI, the American Civil War, Science Fiction and many different presentations including Naval Warfare, War in the Air, Land Battles and much combining all of them. Game designers, master miniatures painters, award winning games, and much more will be there.

This year marks the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Borodino. Along with all the other good stuff you have come to expect from Tactical Solutions, we will be honoring the fallen on both sides of this epic confrontation with a pair of Borodino games.

Out the outset of the Russian Campaign, Napoleon invaded Russian in June of 1812 with roughly 500,000 troops. Commanding the Russian army was Barclay de Tolle, a Russian General of German descent. The Russian command was split and de Tolle's army never numbered much more than 130,000 men. To face Napoleon in the field would bring about the certain destruction of the Russian army. So de Tolle opposed Napoleon by fighting only on ground of his choosing and when the French Grand Armee massed for battle, the Russians would retreat and slip away. Russian irregulars instituted a scorched-earth policy, destroying all food stuffs that might be captured by the advancing French Army.

As the French Army approached Moscow, the Tsar increasingly came under pressure to replace de Tolle with a `Russian General' and stop the 3 month long retreat. In early September, de Tolle was replaced by General Kutuzov and all Russian forces in the area were massed near the village of Borodino. 124,000 French solders faced off against 104,000 Russians in one of the epic battles of the Napoleonic era.

So if you are interested in running a game, playing a game or just watching the spectacle, please come on by! Preregistration is $30 which is $5 off of the at the door price of $35 dollars for an entire weekend of gaming. $35.00 buys you a Tactical Solutions Membership and that membership allows the member to attend as well as members of his immediate family aged 12-16.( Immediate family members aged 12-16 must be accompanied by and supervised by the adult Tactical Solutions Member). There are also a limited number of Active Duty Military and student admissions tickets available at $10 but these are going fast so get yours soon!

For more information, please contact: Mark Rounds at or 208-882-0614