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Tactical Assault Games releases Fantasy Scenario Pack

Fantasy Scenario PackTactical Assault Games have released a scenario pack for their Tactical Assault: Fantasy Cards game. From their announcement:
We are really excited to announce that our first scenario pack for the Tactical Assault: Fantasy Cards (Scenario Pack: Adventure) is now available for download in our online store. The scenario pack contains half-a-dozen fun and challenging scenarios playable in any scale with your favorite fantasy (or even historical) miniatures. And while each scenario is a great stand-alone battle, there are also a lot of ways the scenarios can be combined to make some very interesting mini-campaigns as well. To celebrate the release of the first fantasy scenario pack, right now we are offering it for a limited time at half-off its normal price of $4.99 USD. Just swing on by the website for details on how to take advantage of this deal, as well as for more information on the scenario pack and the scenarios it contains...