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Tactical Assault Games' Newest Expansion Now Available

Tactical Assault Games announce a new Print-n-play component for their card game systems.

From their announcement:

We are very excited to announce that the Tactical Assault: Personality Cards, the newest print-n-play expansion for the Tactical Assault: Combat Cards and Tactical Assault: Fantasy Cards, is now available for purchase in our online store!

The Personality Cards are an fun and easy way to add distinctive characteristics to any, or all, of your Combat Card or Fantasy Card units. There are 18 unique personality types represented in the deck, each of which brings certain battlefield strengths and weakness to units possessing that personality.

As always, there is more information available in the Free Downloads section of our website, including the complete Personality Cards expansion rules as well as an “anatomy” of a sample card.

Why wait? Take a look and see if you are ready to add some “personality” to your battles…