Tackle Zone Radio episode 9

Episode 9 of the Tackle Zone Radio podcast has been posted.

From their website:

Welcome to the first of four episodes detailing the ins and outs of Stunty Teams! Nathan and (mostly) Shawn Babble on inanely about Ogres this episode and It’s pretty obvious that Shawn won’t shut up about them! We also Have a look at a few of the seldom used skills out there.

This episode we discuss:

  • News – We have a look at some of the Mini Companies out there and discuss whats new?
  • Roster Dissection; Ogres – In episode 1, the boys (Mostly big mouth Shawn) talk about the fun and mayhem involved in playing Ogres.
  • Brilliant Coaching –There are some Skills out there that you just don’t see that often… Nathan and Shawn Have a deep look at a few.