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Tabletopia Posts Free Online Multi-player Demo

The Tabletopia Kickstarter campaign is chugging along rather well. They've long-ago passed their funding goal. They're now at more than 3x funding and still on the rise. They've recently posted up their first open multiplayer demo of their program. So if you're not a backer, you can check it out before pledging if you so desire.

The game they chose for this was Zooloretto by Abacusspiele. So grab some friends and make yourself the head of your own zoo.

Along with the demo, Tabletopia announced that more companies are joining in with their project. Those include Stronghold Games, Floodgate Games, Red Raven Games, Gamelyn Games, Nauvoo Games, and Portal Games (which means they'll be bringing Stronghold 2nd Edition to their system).

The campaign still has 16 days left on the clock for you to get in on the action.