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Tabletop Workshop Barn and Stable Preview

Tabletop Workshop has some previews up of the new Stable and Barn terrain pieces they'll have available soon in their webshop.


From the preview:

We are delighted to unveil the two latest buildings that will soon be added to the Tabletop Workshop 28mm Medieval Range. The Barn and the Stable are smaller buildings and are based around the existing cottage design. The tooling for these fantastic new buildings are being manufactured at the moment and they will be available on the web store soon for the price of £16.50.

The latest buildings, like our others, have detail inside and out, and between the Barn and the Stable, the buildings include cart wheels, horse shoes, pitch forks, and other little bits of nifty interior detail.
The buildings will be moulded in our usual hard plastic, and use the same mechanisms as all of the the other buildings Tabletop Workshop have released so far