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Tabletop Workshop 28mm Merchant's House and Town House Now in Stock

Tabletop Workshop now has their 28mm Merchant's House and Town House terrain pieces available over in their webshop.


From the release:

The Tabletop Workshop 28mm Merchant's House and Town House are now in stock and available to order. These buildings are part of our Medieval Range and are priced at £19 each.

The buildings are designed in hard plastic and work on exactly the same mechanisms as other Tabletop Workshop buildings. They rely on clips instead of glue and the roof fits on top perfectly and can be taken on and off during battle. Due to the way the roofs have been designed, they can be interchanged between all Tabletop Workshop Medieval buildings. As usual with Tabletop Workshop, the models are highly detailed inside and out. The boxes now contain 8 hard plastic easy to assemble pieces and there is even a new look 2nd floor to allow figures to be placed on both levels.

The Town House is the more rugged and it's everything you'd expect to see in a typical medieval village with its very own wooden tiled roof sitting on top. These 2 buildings are actually quite similar in design, however the Merchant's House is far more affluent. The design is based on a more expensive town house and with it's overhanging second-storey, it's beautifully crafted door and a neat thatched roof to sit on top, it will really stand out on your table. The buildings are perfect together and fit in well with other buildings from the Tabletop Workshop Medieval Range.