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Tabletop Towns launches Hab Cube Kickstarter

Tabletop Towns launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Hab Cube sci-fi terrain pieces.

Hab Cubes


From the launch:

Tabletop Towns are back and this time its SciFi, clever modular terrain system for 28mm scifi games -

Tabletop Towns has 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns under our belt so far, each campaign has allowed us to bring a new set of buildings to the range.

This time our focus has turned to SciFi and modern day games, we wanted to draw upon the previous successful products and use that experience to bring you something really special!

This Modular terrain system allows you to populate your tabletop with a range of buildings limited only by your imagination from houses to space-stations, from fortresses to factories this great modular terrain follows our tradition of fast set up high quality fold flat easy store terrain!