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Tabletop Skirmisher tales a look at the Pulp City Monsters expansion

Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher gives us another review, this time looking at the Pulp City Monsters expansion.

From the review:

My favourite game of ALL TIME has gained an expansion! Pulp City Monsters
Whats it all about? Big ass things rampaging through a city with super powered beings trying to stop them!

If you take a look at most Marvel comics lines you will see an invasion of Skrull ships, Mole Mans giant creations, huge versions of Ultron or an attack of a massive Dormammau.
Giant things attacking a city and being fought off or even controlled by Super Heroes or Villains is a staple in most comic books.
Finally you can now battle these things in the Pulp City Universe with their massive roster of Supremes!
Or if you wanted to, take on an evil Monster with a good Monster without a single Supreme in sight.