Tabletop Insider issue four almost ready

Issue four of the German language Tabletop Insider magazine will soon be available. Tabletop Insider preview From their announcement:
Tabletop Insider 04 finalised and provides all kind of articles around the miniature hobby. We again feature a handy gimmick: The free full-color playsheet for Werner Klockes pirate-skirmish game Freebooter's Fate. An ideal addition for all gamers, which find a useful summary of the game as well as miniature costs on one sheet of thick paper.   A nice gimmick won't be enough, so you’ll find a lot more in TTI04. Our personal highlights are:
  • an extensive review of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition including a comparison of changes and an expert commentary from Germany's most honoured tournament player Sebastian "Akito Tenkawa" Ehrhardt,
  • a real big Warhammer 40.000 Apocalypse game report featuring 20.000 point armies fighting against each other on an awe-inspiring cityfight table,
  • tiny compared to the aforementioned game but not less entertaining an Uncharted Seas game report,
  • an army feature of André Bellofs awarded Warhammer Fantasy chaos horde,
  • extensive game reviews of Freebooter's Fate and Firestorm Armada,
  • two high-end step-by-step painting tutorials of Varathar the Dark Guardian and Candy, Cola & Fiametta from Soda Pop Miniatures and last but not least
  • an interview with game designer Alessio Cavatore.
Gamers, collectors and painters also find all information about the latest Mantic Games releases, reviews of Hordes Primal MkII and Forces of Hordes: Skorne, a first draft of Forge World's IA9: The Badab War, a review of Games Workshops Blood Island box, all news about the latest board and video games like 40K Online: Dark Millenium and a lot more you need to know. We are featuring local events like the campaign-weekend Fruehlingsoffensive and the European Team Championship 2010 and talk with award-winning painter Georg "GeOrc Damm.   Again Tabletop Insider 04 offers a wide variety of articles and a phantastic cross-section through the world of tabletop games and miniatures. As usual we stored all information, a high-res covershot and a lot of thumbnails of the magazine's content in attached archive. We also feature a preview of TTI04 to leaf through the magazine at www.   At only 4,95 Euro you'll receive a fascinating reading in a handy format, that no fan should miss. Please support us, to establish Tabletop Insider as an independent magazine. Therefore it's still the same request: If you like, do not only spread the word but participate in creating a magazine that looks beyond one own’s nose and features all aspects of our hobby. We are always looking for exciting content so be invited to contact us.   And if you've got the chance, visit us at world's biggest game fair, the SPIEL 2010 in Essen from October 21st to 24th. You'll find our booth in hall 6, stand 6-507 (together with our sister magazine Mephisto). We'll enjoy to chat with you there.