Tabletop Insider 03 now available

Issue 3 of the German gaming magazine Tabletop Insider is now available.


From their announcement:

Tabletop Insider started in spring 2009 as the first and only independent tabletop-games and miniatures magazine in Germany. Run by hobby enthusiasts, we now published our third stand alone issue (we covered tabletop content before in Germany’s number 1 roleplaying games magazine Mephisto).

Though we faced some delays releasing the new magazine, we are pretty proud of what we could accomplish here – keeping in mind that this print-only magazine is not edited by any big company using a vast budget to facilitate their range of miniatures and games, but by fans in their free-time. Our readers will find an extra 16 pages and a free plastic sprue in the latest incarnation of Tabletop Insider.

Of course Tabletop Insider is a German magazine we thought it could be interesting to share the news anyway.

What you’ll find in TTI03:

  • an unflattered Planetstrike game report where Black Templars oppose Chaos Demons,
  • a Warmachine campaign with three special scenarios,
  • an artist portrait of Roman Jarhead Lappat including a step-by-step painting tutorial,
  • an impressing Cygnar army feature
  • extensive game reviews of Malifaux and Uncharted Seas.

Furthermore we provide another two painting tutorials, we publish a complete tournament list in cooperation with T3 and have previews of the Horus Heresy boardgame and upcoming Starcraft II computer game, where we were able to receive a beta-test account.

Within our news section we focus on information and reviews for all the latest and upcoming games, miniatures and companies. So you’ll find a lot of smaller companies within our pages.