Tabletop Hooligans Episode 3 posted

Episode 3, The Red Episode, of the Tabletop Hooligans podcast has been posted. From their announcement:?
Well it’s here. The Red Episode. Episode 3 is here. In this episode the Hooligans dive deep into two new army books from two of the world’s most popular tabletop miniatures games. With the help of two resident gamers from our local game store, Joe D. and Greg S the Hooligans go inside and pick out the interesting things out of these books and discuss them. Also in this episode Feats Of The Week, a new parody commercial (two infact), and our normal brand of Hooligans antics that keep you coming back for more. It’s a long show clocking in at over 2:40. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did recording it. Thanks again for listening.
  • Feats of the Week – 0:6:25
  • Blood Angels Review – 0:48:15
  • Khador Review – 2:02:00