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TGN at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Day 1 - San Diego Comic-Con

Day 2 - San Diego Comic-Con

Day 3 - San Diego Comic-Con

Day 4 - San Diego Comic-Con

Day 4 -

San Diego Comic-Con is over! A spectacular convention it was. Even with all the photos I took, panels I went too and exhibit hall walked, there was still so much more to do. No way can 1 person cover the entire convention in just one visit.

I had a great time this year, got to hang out with some great people, catch up with old friends and see all the new things that will be coming out later this year.

I will get some sleep and do a big post in the morning, but check out the pictures for more information ;)


Day 3 -

Hey guys,

So I am going to keep this short. I will be doing a big post about a bunch of different stuff that happened at Comic-Con today, but overall today was really good. I was able to get into the panels, and caught up with some great artists and sculptors today. The hall was super busy but it was lots of fun.

Check out the pics!


Day 2 -

Today started out really early, as I rushed to make sure I was able to find decent parking. Even though I am a local and public transit is available, I did not feel like being at the call of the trolley. Getting down to the Convention Center was nice and easy, and then I was able to get set up for my days of working some panels and then getting down to the exhibitor hall.

After the Community Panel, I rushed down to the exhibitor hall to see what was going on. I ran into Jeff Bellinger, who along with being my highschool Math Teacher, is also the creator of Killer Bunnies by Playroom Entertainment. It was great to talk with him for a bit, and then we parted ways to check out the con. I went over to the Privateer Press Booth with the goal of getting some more pictures of the models on display and the newly detailed demo boards. The new boards look great and they have lots of Bodgers Games being demoed for the public. Catching up with them for a bit was nice, but I only had so much time before the next panel, so I made my way over to the Wizkids Booth. There was a very happy staffer from Wizkids talking about their new releases for the year, and I have to say that they have a full plate and I am looking forward to their releases as they come out. I wanted to pick up some of their Exclusives, but they were already out and it was mid-day Friday, so that was a bummer.

The Game of Thrones Panel was great, George and the Cast talked about what it was like to film in 4 different countries at the same time, and also introduced the next season of cast members. This con has been very adventure filled and I have randomly run into some great celebrities.

I could talk more and more about how my day was, but I will do some more overall coverage once I get some more sleep. Check out the photos for more!

Day 1 -

Time for the next convention update, TGN is at San Diego Comic-Con 2012!

Every year since I was about 14 I have attended the San Diego Comic-Con. Being a local to San Diego, makes this a pretty easy thing to do, as long as you can get a badge. This year I am on staff working with Event Giveaways. Which means that part of my day I am in panels handing out tickets, posters, t-shirts or some other sort of promotional item.

When I am not doing that, I am travelling all around the hall, checking out what is new and who is at the con. This year the convention has already been a great event and its only the first day! Since the convention is more of a pop-culture event that an actual gaming event, most of my pictures are from all over the event, but for each day I am going to track down where the games are being played to make sure that we get to see what everyone is doing.

Today, I went over to a few different booths to see what was going on. In the Privateer Press booth, they are giving demos of Heap, Warmachine/Hordes and Infernal Contraption. Their display section has a many of their studio painted models, and a display copy of Level 7. I will be going back over to their booth tomorrow to get some more in depth pictures, but they have come in full force. Also, I visited Jamie Chambers over at Signal Fire Studios, and they were showing off his latest kickstarter, Building An Elder God. They were having a great time over at his booth, and I will be doing a follow up interview with him as well. Wizards of the Coast has booked a few ballrooms in a nearby hotel to run events, the local Malifaux group is running event upstairs, and there is a local gaming convention going on a few blocks down the street. Tomorrow will allow me to travel around to see everything that is going on.

There is so much to cover, it will be a challenge to bring it all to TGN, but I will do my best. For my blurry pictures that are in the album, those were from my phone because the batteries in my camera decided to die.

Overall the convention is just as busy as always with over 125,000 people in attendence. Walking the hall is quite the fight, and while you are working with the flow you have to keep your eye out for celebrities that are walking around.

Talk to you all tomorrow!