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Tabletop gaming at Vul-Con Arena I

Vul-Con Arena I will be held on April 2nd in Mesa, AZ and will feature several tabletop games. From their announcement:
Vul-Con Arena I, a mini convention for strategy games leading up to Phoenix Vul-Con 2012, will be held at Gamer's Inn located in Mesa, AZ on April 2nd. This mini-convention will have a heavy emphasis on miniatures games, including three historical miniatures games sponsored by The Table Top Gaming Society - Rome vs. Gauls, Alexander the Great vs. Hannibal, and a Wild West Skirmish game. Other significant miniatures related events include a Wings of War WWI Mini-Campaign Tournament, a Dust Tactics Tournament, a Gladiator Tournament played in a 5ft diameter Gladiatorial Arena with 90mm miniatures, and a Circus Maximus Tournament played on a model Hippodrome nearly 22' in length and 7' wide with 50mm miniature chariots. Other events include Munchkin, Revolution, and Car Wars: The Card Game run by the Arizona Men in Black and the Adventures Under the Laughing Moon RPG run by local author and game designer Todd VanHooser. For more info, be sure to check out