Table War Designs, Inc Releases Diorama Washers

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Nov 14th, 2011

Table War Designs, Inc Releases Diorama Washers:

From their announcment:

NEW from TABLEWAR(TM)… Diorama Washers* give hobbiests and game players a new way to customize the look of their hobby miniaturs and models. Simply combine any number of the many sizes and shapes TABLE WAR DESIGNS offers of its Diorama Washers with your Unit Trays or Diorama Trays to get the perfect arrangement of your hobby miniatures and models. Below is a step-by-step guide to get you going…

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  • Doc

    Ah, been waiting for someone to do this.
    Well done sirs!

  • Been doing this for decades. Nothing new here. Take a trip to any well stocked hardware store and save yourself loads of cash. Just love the way old methods suddenly become marketed as new.

    • kalamadea

      Actually these are amazing, I think I found a new favorite after-market accessory company! Absolutely perfect for how I’ve been doing movement trays and display bases for years now, EXACTLY how I’ve been doing things just way easier. Prices are very reasonable, not THAT much more than going to a hardware store and buying washers seperately and these are sized to match up to miniature base dimateters AND thickness so miniatures just sit in flush.

      Originally for display bases I’d heat up a 25mm washer and plunge it into blue foam, but you’d almost always have to go back and do it again if it was too shallow or add filler if it was too deep to get it flush. Cutting circles out of foamcore was even worse, finding foamcore that was the proper thickness to be completely flush and getting the circles perfect across the entire board. Now I just use a router attachment on my dremel and made some circular jigs for each base size and I use cork board. All of those are WAY more work than $1.50 and some spackle, this would let you just put some sheet metal in a wooden picture frame and model it however you wanted.

      I’m really interested in those unit trays, I’d love to see them expand into custom fantasy movement trays using that design. I do something almost exactly like that for my WHFB stuff but it’s annoying to custom make each tray to match exactly the height and width so everything is flush. if you use GW movement trays adding a tin plate for magnetizing raises the models over the lip of the tray and that’s just an eyesore to me. Plus with the way the bases are designed, you could just glue some magnets to the bottom of a plastic bin and they would hold the movement tray in place for storage. No need for foam, just models magnetized to the tray, tray magnetized to the box, put a lid on it and pop it in the closet. Been doing that for a while, but having ready made trays would save me SO much time.

      Only thing I can’t find is what the trays are made out of, they look like cast platic or resin.

      • Thanks for the comments… We are trying to provide a very economical solution here.

        To answer your question about what these are made out of: we use a dark grey colored injection plastic. The Diorama Washers, our Diorama Trays, and our Unit Trays are the same color and material.