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Table Tantrums Back Up On Kickstarter

We all know those friends who just don't get along, but occasionally have to be brought together for some sort of gathering. You know, like a wedding or some other feast. As a host, you do your best to not put feuding people next to one-another. That can get rough if there's a bunch of people who don't like one-another. However, that's exactly what you'll be trying to do in Table Tantrums, which is back up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

It is Renaissance Italy: You, as a group have been tasked to create a banquet for a major noble. However, his guest list has several people on it who could cause unpleasant disruptions to the festivities. Your task is to allocate the guests to the spaces on the table, without causing any potential incidents.

Table Tantrums contains a board, representing the table and a deck of cards representing the guests and specials that alter the conditions to place a guest.

Play continues with each person seating a guest until one player has placed all their cards, and is declared the winner.

The campaign has reached its funding goal and is set to run for another 12 days.