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Table Forged Announces GenCon Specials

I wake up pretty early as it is. Generally between 5 and 5:30am. Wednesday, I'll be making sure to get up just a little bit earlier, as my ride up to Gen Con will be picking me up around 5:30am for our 10-hour drive to Indy.
Man, I miss those days in St. Louis where it was only about a 4-hour drive.
But it should be a good show. Table Forged will be there. And they've posted up what sort of goodies they'll have with them at the show.

You'll want to make booth 2645 a pretty early visit in the show. The first 100 customers that buy their Dwarven Drinking Game will get the expansion, Iron & Ale: King of the Keg, for free. They will also be giving out Dwarf Up! badge ribbons to people that stop by and say hello.