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Taban Miniatures to pre-release new Eden faction at Salute

Taban Miniatures is making it really worth your wile to go see them at Salute. They're pre-releasing a whole new Eden faction for you.

From them to you:

The Hord is coming !

Following many requests we had from players who wanted to play the various critters as a whole faction, we have designed a 7th faction four the post apocalyptic game EDEN

2 troop leader will be presented at salute 12' :
The Beastmaster and the Broodmaster.

The blisters available at Salute will be resin casted with an exclusive artwork profile card

They will be able to interact with both degenerates (irradiated zombies) and animals.
Their game-play is rather simple : engage, kill, devour and get meaner !

However the player will have to manage a special ressource : "the frenzy". This resource will augment with the strength of the enemies you kill and will allow your creatures and your "masters" to unlock special abilities.

At this stage 8 animals and degenerates are available with their "Hord" profile. They can also played as neutral (but hostile) NPCs.

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