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Taban Miniatures at Essen with a limited edition miniature

Taban Miniatures follows in our theme today of "what companies are going to which conventions" with their announcement that they're going to be at Essen. They've got a special miniature on sale for people who stop by as well.

From the announcement:

Taban Miniatures will be present at Die Spiel, Essen, 18/21 Oktober 2012

Halle6, Boot 6-718....

We will team up with Smart Max (Smog and Mauser earth) and Ammon Miniatures...a great opportunity to see many French miniatures goodies in one place !

What will you find at the show :
All our Eden range for sale and Studio models on display !
Masters Miniatures limited editions
and the Madlab resin bases

We will run demos of Eden during the 4 days with a german crew and the help of the Tabletop Insider team !
Take advantage to bring your friends there and ask for a game

Special models and discounts:

- Special Edition miniature "Cryssen", that will be available at conventions and shows only, and for one year!
Beside we will have a decent supply of the limited edition "Alisha" (for the game Eden)

- any order above 50€ will get a -10% discount
- any order above 100€ will additionally earn the customer a free copy of Cryssen !
- Eden discovery offer : 2 starters for 60€ (save 10€)

All the gaming material will be packed in German, but we can be repacked on demand either in English or French