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Taban Miniatures announces Escape, a new board game set in the Eden universe

Taban Miniatures announces Escape, a new board game set in the world of Eden. They'll be running a Kickstarter campaign starting in one week.

From the announcement:

On may the 20th Taban Miniatures is going to launch a KS campaign to finance a Boardgame called Escape.

Escape depicts the fight of the Resistance, a group of dissident humans trying to escape an underground laboratory (L.A.B. 03) used as an anti-atomic shelter.
This LAB is ruled by a maddened computer (NOAH) who decided that its humans denizens can't go back to the surface of the ancient world.
NOAH prefer to use his automated drones to kill the resistant than to take the risk of any contact with the exterior

Escape has already be published in French as a "compact" boardgame.
Released in magazine format, this first opus got a resounding success.
The game consisted of 50 pages booklet where the reader discovered in detail the origins of the ISC and Resistance, a foldable 2 inches square poster as boardgame and two counter and fighters punchboards

We now want to re-edit this game making things big, with a cardboard box and game board, 24 ultra-detailed pre-assembled plastic miniatures, based on our models Eden.
Escape new version will be published in English and French.

What’s new then?
Lots of things! In addition to the plastic miniatures, we will include several new game modes, new characters and missions.

If the crowd funding on Kickstarter is successful enough, we plan to develop many features, missions and exclusive characters which we are already on the workbench.

We Need You!
So for fans of Eden and Escape, join us on May the 20th for the official on Kickstarter launch of the campaign!
Until then be sure to follow Taban's website and facebook pages to get more details!