Taban Miniatures December Releases

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Nov 29th, 2011

Taban Miniatures Announces December Releases:

From their announcement:

This December will be rich in events for Taban Miniatures and the range “EDEN”… 2 years after the official launch of our skirmishes game a sixth faction strengthens the ranks of the survivors of the Apocalypse.

Usually source of terrifying drones, it is now humans who emerge from the cyber-shelters of the ISC… With a serious score to settle against the machines ….

Oppressed, exterminated, the Resistant one arrive and raise the veil on the origin of the mysterious robots. From the bottom of their vast underground city where scientists reign supreme, some members of the ISC wants to pry open the vault’s doors without the green light from their leaders.

This revolution, harshly repressed by peaceful drones turned into killing machines. will find its way to the surface early in December!

Seasoned by years of underground fighting and strong of their scientific ISC background, the Resistance has developed materials to suit its needs: energy weapons, guided robots, exoskeletons and cybernetic implants …
This will not be too much to survive the horrors of the surface ….

The starter box of the faction will be available by December 7. The 400 initial ones launched as a limited edition containing an exclusive Eden miniature !

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  • Sikil

    Wohoo! Love the concept! I’ll make sure to check their store on the 7th!

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    I like the concepts, but a major part of the appeal of ISC for me has been their unknown origin … are they a long-forgotten experiment or fighting force, that keeps the mission on simply because noone turned them off? Are they a work of a hidden, half-mad genius, obsessed with bushido? Probes, sent by survivors, to establish the danger levels of the post-apoc world?
    Now at least this has been described … cool concepts still. 🙂

  • I like the steam meets apocalyptic look.

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing how this faction will look as the concept pictures look great.