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Ta-Da! Available Tomorrow

The Annual Talent Show for Wizards is once again here. Each wizard is looking to show off their skills, competing to be the greatest wizard for the year. It's quite a free-for-all, though, as every wizard is looking to do their most flashy tricks all at once. Will you have what it takes to be the best? Well, play a game of Ta-Da!, available tomorrow, and find out.

In the game, each player has their own set of dice and a dice cup with which to roll them. You're looking to complete six spells. You do this by rolling your dice and assigning them to the spells in front of you. But everyone's going at once, rolling as quickly as possible. It seems pretty easy so far, but then you have Feat cards. When those spells are cast, certain restrictions are placed on how people play, like having to only use their index fingers to move their dice, or having to complement you whenever the dice are rolled, or other such things. It's sort of a wild and wacky time.

You can pick up your copy at your LGS tomorrow.