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Systems Malfunction RPG Up On Kickstarter

Well, it would seem the Earth has been destroyed again. Damnit, Carl, I told you not to push that button. Thankfully, humanity is able to escape out into space and colonize new places to live. Not-so-thankfully, humanity tends to have a lot of wars, and that's really no different in the future. Be it wars between different colonies, or different corporations, or different religious groups, there have been and probably always will be wars. But then again, an RPG where there's no sort of conflict at all would be pretty dull. Anyway, System Malfunction is a new sci-fi RPG up on Kickstarter.

The game uses the Singularity System. It's a dice pool system where whenever you're asked to make a test, you gather a dice pool of D6s equal to your relevant stat and roll them. In a normal roll, you're looking for 5+ to be a success. Easy tasks are 4+. And, as you could guess, difficult tasks are 6+. The Singularity System has been used in other games, but has been updated to work in the Systems Malfunction universe.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. They're already closing in on their goal with still 23 days left to go.