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Syrinscape Wants to Hear You At Gen Con

As if there weren't already enough going on at Gen Con, there's yet more to find out about. Hey, knowing early lets you plan, and going to Gen Con without a plan means you'll end up missing out on quite a lot of things. Anyway, Syrinscape's got some really cool things they'll be doing at the show, and you're invited to help out.

First off, they'll be part of the Live RPG Plus! event. Come and participate as some gaming VIPs (including Paizo creative director James Jacobs, Gen Con owner/CEO Adrian Swartout, Green Ronin founder and president Chris Pramas, and Lone Wolf data entry specialist Jeremy Land) play Pathfinder with your help. You don't just sit and watch others game, you get to help choose what goes on.

Next, Syrinscape wants to hear from you. Their booth at the show will contain a recording area where they'll be looking to get all sorts of new sound files. Roars, grunts, screams, yells, battle cries, all sorts of things. You could have your voice featured in a new Soundscape.

So be sure to add those things to your list.