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Syrinscape - now developing sounds for the Pathfinder RPG with Paizo Inc

Syrinscape has teamed up with Paizo to make the official soundtracks to be used with Pathfinder.


From the press release:

With great excitement, Syrinscape is pleased to confirm today we are now working with Paizo, Inc. on developing the official sounds of Golarion to accompany your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game sessions.

We are well underway with our first SoundPack, which is sounding fantastic. It is a joy to be working on a world so full of colour, flavor, and detail. These are exciting times for the folks here at Syrinscape, and indeed exciting times for the future of gaming!

Syrinscape is now live on all devices (PC, MAC, Android Tablets and iPad), bigger and better than ever before, with a new version coming out soon with some really useful new features. For example, with version 1.3, you'll be able to organise and manage the SoundSets you own, so you can always find what you want quickly and easily as you play.

‘Syrinscape Fantasy Player’ has caused quite a buzz in the last few months since its release. Never before has there been a sound-scape generator quite as good as this for gamers. Syrinscape uses the power of the unity audio engine and complex algorithms to produce ever-changing sound-scapes, and rich encounter-specific music. Many gamers have used mixes of playlists and soundboards, but Syrinscape has streamlined the whole process, making it interactive and easy.

2014 promises to be a BIG year for us here at Syrinscape, with the first releases of our sounds for the Pathfinder RPG; the rebirth of the much-anticipated Syrinscape SoundSet Editor; a hefty schedule of worldwide conferences and panels (including GenCon Indy and Spiel Essen); the addition of a bank of composers and gamers to our team to help satisfy the growing demand for audio content; and last but not least the launch of the 'Syrinscape Sci-fi Player' with a whole raft of content for RPGs like Shadowrun, Star Wars and Bruce Cordell & Monte Cook's much anticipated, 'The Strange'.

Benjamin Loomes, creator of Syrinscape and mad keen gamer says, "I go from feeling slightly overwhelmed with how much work there is to do, to bouncing off the walls with excitement about where this year is leading. Our partnership with Paizo is something we as a company talked about from the very beginning. I am a Pathfinder tragic, and getting to build sounds and music integrated completely with the wonderful world of Golarion is a dream come true. I know Fantasy gamers of all kinds are going to LOVE what I am building right now!"