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Syrinscape and Lone Wolf Development to Hold Online GM Workshop for Complete Pathfinder RPG Experience

Tomorrow, Syrinscape and Lone Wolf Development will be teaming up to bring you a unique online resource to help improve your RPG game sessions. Colen McAlister (lead developer for Hero Lab) and Benjamin Loomes (creator of Syrinscape) will be conducting a Google hangout and are inviting all GMs who wish to get more out of their Pathfinder experiences. The main focus will be integrating their various products to help run the games and create an immersive environment for your games.

Topics for the Hangout will include:

• Basics of GMing with Hero Lab and Syrinscape
• Using Hero Lab’s Tactical Console
• Getting the most from Bestiaries with Hero Lab’s Encounter Builder
• GMing Rise of the Runelords with Hero Lab’s Encounter Library
• Navigating the Syrinscape Control Panel
• Incorporating Syrinscape sound into tabletop roleplaying
• Syrinscape’s Adventure Paths and one-shot sound effects

The hangout is tomorrow and starts at 7pm, Eastern. The hangout will then be archived so you can go back and watch it again later on.