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Synthicide RPG Now Available In PDF

I recently bought some RPG books in pdf format. I've got many game rulebooks in pdf format. They're actually rather handy to have around. And while I still think I prefer to actually have a book in my hands, I'm not the "non-electronics" snob that I was maybe a couple years ago. And so, if you're looking to add another pdf rulebook to your collection, you can now pick up Synthicide as a pdf.


From the website:

When robots are gods, killing humans is fair game.

This is the full game, released January 2017. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to narrate compelling characters and thrilling adventures in a bleak, cynical universe where hunger guides your gunhand.

Visit the website for automated tools and reference sheets:

Synthicide brings the following to your game table:

A dark, hostile sci-fi setting where humans are worthless and money is everything
A galaxy of noir adventure and high technology
Debuts the ACTIONS Rule Codex (ARC), an attribute-based rule-set designed for imaginative role-play and full-throttle combat
Automated Game Master (GM) tools to quickly build NPCs, traps, and mission ideas – all on-demand
A Plot Twist system with surprises for players and game masters alike
Optional rules to up the grittiness and depth of the game, including Faction Heat, Mental Trauma, and Shock Damage