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Symbaroum RPG Now Available

I always love when I see a crowdfunding campaign not only succeed during the time frame for it, but to then be shipped out to backers. Though I honestly see the true "success" of a campaign when those products are then released to a general audience. Järnringen is even going one step further than that. Not only is their Symbaroum RPG now available in pdf, but they've also got plans for where the game will be headed in the near future.


So, the first bit of news, as you see above, is that the Symbaroum core rulebook is now available in pdf. So you can buy and download it right away. Also available now are a character sheet file, as well as an introduction novella. So you can get your game book, write up your character, and get an introduction of the dark and mysterious world that Symbaroum takes place in.

As for the near future, print versions will be available in December directly from Järnringen’s webshop as well as various print-on-demand websites. In February, the book will be available at fine retailers near you.