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Symbaroum Now Available from Modiphius

The new-to-English-speaking-audiences fantasy RPG, Symbaroum, has really been making a splash, from what I've been hearing from you guys and some other friends that I talk with. The game is a bit different from your standard fantasy RPG, with a bit of a darker feel and more wild tone to it. Well, those that were concerned about getting their own copy have a new way to do so, as Modiphius has entered into an agreement to sell the game internationally.

You can head over and order to the Modiphius webshop and get yourself a copy of the 264-page main rulebook. More than just a simple introduction, the rulebook is sort of a one-stop shop to getting you going in the game. It's a mix of both Player's Handbook and Game Master Guide, along with a sample adventure. So it's got all you need to start playing.