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Symbaroum: Karvosti - The Witch Hammer Adventure on Kickstarter

Are you ready to continue on your adventures in the Chronicles of the Throne of Thorns cycle? That's good, because Jarningen has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund it. It's called Karvosti - the Witch Hammer and it's 152 pages of adventure as the sequel to Thistle Hold. Even if you're not playing through the full path, the book stands on its own as an adventure for your characters.

From the campaign:

Karvosti – The Witch Hammer is the second episode in the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns. The 152 page book is a freestanding sequel to Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden and will be followed by five other episodes.

It is through these campaign and adventure modules that we will keep building the world of Symbaroum; aside from an in-depth introduction to a specific region in Ambria, Davokar or beyond, each book will introduce new optional rules and features: abilities, (monstrous) traits, mystical powers and rituals, creatures, artifacts, elixirs and much more.

Looking at this second episode in particular, it focuses on the cliff of Karvosti – the age-old thingstead of the barbarian High Chieftain, located deep within the forest of Davokar. The module is divided into three sections...

The Kickstarter is doing well. They're around 6x funded with still 19 days left to go.