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Symbaroum Fantasy RPG Translation to English Indiegogo Happening Now

Järnringen is running an Indiegogo campaign to bring their Symbaroum fantasy RPG to an English-speaking audience. The game is D20-driven, but there are certain mechanics that make it unique, such as having the players handle all the dice-rolling, which gives the DM more time to focus on narrative and not worry so much about counting pips. Players also must balance their actions and not create too much blight in themselves (or, I guess you could just go on a rampage and grab all the blight you can find).
The campaign is set to run for the next 38 days.

From the campaign:

Swedish game studio Järnringen has launched a fundraiser to support the translation and international release of the hit fantasy roleplaying game Symbaroum. The team has partnered up with IndieGoGo and DriveThruRPG for a campaign that has reached 20% of its ambitious goal in just 48 hours.

The game is set in and around the vast forest of Davokar, where the civilized Ambrians are battling local barbarians and each other for control over the region’s resources. In the forest they also have to deal with the elves of the Iron Pact, sworn to stop all humans from disturbing the age-old evil which (according to them) slumbers under a thin layer of roots and dirt.

The ruleset is D20-based but features some interesting mechanisms. For instance, the players handle all dice rolls, so that the Game Master may focus on interpretation and narration. It also includes a renowned mechanism for the spiritual corruption (or blight) that comes from manipulating or violating nature (e.g. when weaving magic or “digging too greedily and too deep”).

Don't miss out on the amazing teaser trailer on the fundraiser page. There you will also find much more information on the setting and game rules.