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Sword & Sorcery crowdfunding campaign to launch on October 15th

Ares Games and Gremlin Project are teaming up to bring you a new sword and sorcery board game. In fact, they're leaving nothing to chance and going straight-forward with the name and just calling it Sword & Sorcery. The campaign is set to launch on Kickstarter on October 15th.

Sword & Sorcery is an epic fantasy cooperative board game. It's designed by the same team that created Galaxy Defenders, so if you like that one, there's a good chance you'll like this one, too. Characters are reawakened heroes. In times of trouble, such heroes are reborn into the world. Unfortunately, they're a bit groggy from the sometimes-thousand-year-naps they've been taking (you'd be not at peak performance either if you'd been asleep for several hundred years). As such, they have to rebuild their power with smaller encounters before taking on the horrific evil that threatens to tear the world apart.