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Sword & Board Games previews Twelve Elements of War rulebook cover

Sword & Board Games gives us a look at the cover for their Twelve Elements of War rulebook in their latest preview.


From the preview:

Today, as promised we can preview to you the cover of the Twelve Elements of War rulebook.

We have moved away from the “sterile” style of what you would expect to find on and in game books these days. We are trying to show a “rough” and “hand drawn” style of art as you would have found in the old “Rogue Trader” era rule books or the first edition Dungeons and Dragons books, when tabletop gaming was in its infancy.

As we have said many times before, we feel that many of today’s tabletop gaming books have lost the “warmth and feeling” that they once possessed (Having said that, I must point out that the team at Sword & Board Games do play numerous other games and we are not trying to belittle other companies achievements or products. Their huge success is a testament to their awesomeness).

We understand that the style may not be to everyone’s taste. However, the style and design complements the gaming world that we have created extremely well. The book is being styled as a traveller’s tome/journal, so again the “rough” style fits nicely. All the rules and lore will be set out in a format that you would expect from a typical rule book.