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Sword & Board Games previews Shadow Hold Halflings

Sword & Board Games shows that halflings can be fierce, too, with a preview look at their Shadow Hold Halfling.

From the preview:

Forget all that you think you know about Halfings. Shadow Holds brainwashed Halfling is not to be trusted or underestimated.

We have gone for a different look for our Halflings. The difference between the races isn't as noticeable from the 3D renders. But once the last one is finished for this faction we will be sending them off to be 3D printed so you can all see the difference. :)

Work is underway on the last (for now) of the Shadow Hold Faction miniature, the Elf. In the future we also want to add an Ogre and Dwarf sculpt to the range as well as different poses and looks for all.

On another note, work has started on the Rule Book today, compiling all the rules, background history, new artworks and faction lists together. With an "estimated" finish mid November in time for our Kickstarter.

PS we have also made some minor changes to the Shadow Hold Goblin which we will post on FB later on this week.