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Sword & Board Games previews Shadow Hold Elf render, answers questions from you

Sword & Board Games is showing off their new render for their Shadow Hold Elf as well as posting up a Q&A session they had recently.

From the announcement:

First off today is the last 3D sculpt (for now) for Shadow Hold. Even though he has been brainwashed, this Elf will still cause some damage at both range and in melee.

Secondly we can announce the name of the game “Twelve Elements of War”

Thirdly, We have our Q & A. Thank you to our fan base for their submissions. If you still have questions then we will add them.

Fourthly, an update on the rulebooks progression. We have a great layout plan worked out and the page graphics are looking really snazzy. Final play testing will be conducted during August and September.