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Sword & Board Games previews Arcadian Tax Collector render

Sword & Board Games has a new preview render up. This time it's for the Arcadian Tax Collector.

Arcadian Tax Collector


From the preview:

Arcadia is the Eastlands’ centre of commerce and trade. Arcadia is, without a doubt, the busiest city in all of the Eastlands. The streets are thronged with people day and night, all of them out to get a bargain or sell their wares to the highest bidder.
Whether you’re a merchant berthing your ship at one of Arcadia’s many wharfs, a small back street vendor of fruit pies or one of the major merchant princes, all know that if there is one thing you don’t do in Arcadia, it is not pay your taxes.
The Arcadian Tax Collectors walk the streets of the port city heralded by their infamous call of “BRING OUT YOUR DEBTS”. The mere sound of this call sends shivers down the spine of those business owners who have had a slow week and do don’t have the appropriate taxes ready for collection.

Failure to pay taxes will lead to the business owner being sold into slavery and their business holdings possessed by the shadowy Liquidators on behalf of the Lord of Arcadia.