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Sword & Board Games posts Mining Guild Female Orc Render

Sword & Board Games posted up their next 3D render. This one's the Mining Guild Female Orc.

From the preview:

Today we are pleased to show you the first of our Mining Guild renders. This is our take on a female Orc. We wanted to steer away from the traditional hunched, extremely muscular, extremely feral and slightly comical look of Orcs that have been done by others.

The Mining Guild are tough, guerrilla warriors of the Mining Guild, seeking to control valuable mineral resources across the continent of Dothmora.

The Mining Guild & Shadow Hold are the two factions we hope to launch our Kickstarter with in December. Along with the other factions, Heroes for Hire, additional warriors for each faction and conversion bits as stretch goals.

An update of the rule book. The front cover is almost complete and when we have a finished product we will preview it to you all. Also we have our page designs looking snazzy and artwork coming along nicely. We wanted to give our rule book a warm feeling to it. Something we feel (as gamers and game creators) has been lost in the industry. We feel that game books today are to sterile and have lost a lot of that gaming magic that they used to have. (We should point out that we still play those games though :) ) We hope that our book conveys a style and feeling from tabletops infancy. (Well maybe not infancy, hopefully you get what we are trying to say.

Also, don't forget to vote on what your preferred material for our miniatures will be. Head over to our website