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Sword & Board Games posts Dwarf Highguard "Survivor" Runecaster render

Sword & Board Games has posted up a new render for Twelve Elements of War. This one's the Dwarf Highguard "Survivor" Runecaster.



From the post:

Of the thousands of troops who marched north under the banners of Highguard during the Schism, only 273 brave soldiers survived the Battle of North Pass. These were no cowards, living only because they threw away their arms and fled the crimson field, but heroes who fought long and hard defending the Sun Standard of Highguard, the personal emblem of the royal house.

Surrounded on all sides by mounds of their fallen comrades intermingled with the torn corpses of Guildsmen, these troopers refused to surrender. Again and again the Mining Guild hurled its warriors against them, but they stood firm, a resolute wall of blood-stained steel and bleeding flesh. Eventually, after hours of fighting, it is said that Guild Father Ashorok himself descended from the mountainside to parley with these men. He allowed them to return to Highguard, their honour intact, still carrying the king’s standard.

King Victor formed these heroes into an elite fighting force known as The Survivors, the guardians of the Sun Standard and personal bodyguard of the king in battle. In the twelve years since their formation, some of the original members have retired or died, and competition to enter this elite unit is fierce. Only the most determined of Highguard’s soldiers are admitted, and only after a gruelling induction trial that claims the lives of many of its participants. The king decreed that the unit would only ever contain 273 individuals, and this tradition continues to this day. With scarlet tabards draped over their gleaming armour, and scarlet plumes on their helms to represent the blood spilt by its founder members on that fateful day, these proud soldiers are instantly recognisable, and feted as heroes wherever they go on the streets of Highguard.