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Sword & Board Games cancels Twelve Elements Kickstarter for retooling

Sword & Board Games has cancelled their Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter campaign in order to move a bit further along with the development and expand capabilities of the company.


From the update:

Hi All,

I wish I had a cheerier note for first thing in the morning.

It has become clear to us here at Sword & Board Games, that meeting the high levels of expectations this game has drawn, is going to be very difficult.

The Kickstarter campaign and the interest it has developed, has made clear to us that those who want the game would like it to be more realized than we currently have it, and we are receiving contact from retailers who would like levels of stock which we just cannot provide at this time.

Our intention is to cancel this iteration of the Kickstarter campaign, and get to work on fleshing out the proposed model range to support this game a lot further, so when we return we have a much broader set of goals to allow this game to be more complete as a result of its crowd funding support.

We will be back on Kickstarter in July, and we want to make sure we have learnt from our experiences, taken on board the feedback from the gaming community and will make sure we fully realise the expectations people have for our products.

I hope to have the rulebook available from our website store in the first half of next year.

Make sure you keep up to date with news on our Facebook page and our Website and sign up to our newsletter. I do apologise and I appreciate the phenomenal support you all have given to the game and myself Thank you all for your understanding. But it's clear that this game deserves the best opportunity to be as complete as it can be.

Thanks and Stay Tuned!