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Surviving the Fire - Jamie Chambers

Industry luminary Jamie Chambers recently witnessed his family home burn to the ground, with all the possessions of his sister and her family inside. No one was hurt, but they are left with some very real needs. Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. Check out his website here for more information.

From his website:

Quick Notes: I will be updating this page as needed. NO ONE was home or harmed in this fire. This is a loss of property, but thankfully things can be replaced. People cannot.

Last night I stood in the street with all of my old neighbors while I watched the family home that I grew up in burn. This is now my sister’s home, and while I’m sad because of the long history and countless memories from that home, right now I’m focusing on helping my sister Bambi and my two nephews, Joshua (7) and Jacob (2) who lost everything they own in the fire.

While the basic structure of the house still stands, the interior is virtually gone and the house looks to be a total loss. I’m so grateful that in less than one day there has been a tremendous outpouring of support and offers to help. This page will be the central hub of that effort so that everyone knows what my family needs, what’s going on, and how you can help if you’re looking to do so.

In order to keep this process organized and so that everyone knows who is donating what, please list what you have using the Comments section below. We will respond and communicate to you here so we all have a clear picture of what’s going on. I’ll post daily updates as we move forward to get Bambi and the boys back on their feet.

Smaller items can be delivered or mailed to my office:
Bambi Chambers
c/o Signal Fire Studios
2265 Roswell Rd, Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30062

If you have larger items such as furniture, please hold them until we know what my sister’s situation will be. She’ll be in furnished, temporary lodging soon but in the long-term we’ll be replacing all of her furniture.

One other thing thing to note … my nephew Joshua’s birthday is Thursday (May 3) and his birthday party is this Saturday. We want to make sure that his birthday is a happy one, so we appreciate any offers to help make this happen.